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Synesthesia is a phenomenon in which people’s experience of one sensory pathway automatically evokes the stimulation of a second. For example, someone might see the color orange, and associate it with warmth. Or see a billboard for a band on tour, and recall a popular song by that same artist.

Upon learning about this fascinating characteristic of human psychology, we wanted to delve deeper into the concept of synesthesia for Hear & There’s fourth issue. And since we all come from the same beautiful floating sphere that happens to be 71% blue, we decided to call this one the Blue Issue.

Blue can represent many different things - calmness, relaxation, sadness, stability, and more. Whatever blue represents to you, we hope that you FEEL it. We hope that our pictures and words evoke emotions deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky. In this issue, let yourself fall gently into the wonderful color that is blue.


Brooke & Lindsay 


The Lunar Eclipse Means Change - Issue 03

On August 21st, 2017, most of North America stood still to witness the lunar eclipse: a rare cosmic event which has not been fully visible in our hemisphere for over a century.  What did this mean exactly?

Many people took to their tarot cards, crystals, and astrology blogs, while others simply requested the day off work to view the event through solar optical glasses and cereal boxes. Others even booked flights, or took road trips to place themselves in the ideal viewing location. Although we may not have reached a consensus on the perfect way to view this event, most can agree that aside from being a source of awe and beauty, eclipses have always been a strong symbol for one thing - change.

It seemed everything, including the planetary alignments, was urging us to delve into the topic of change, which leads us to the theme of this month’s issue. Here, we take inspiring stories of transformation and growth - from an app that’s shaking the music scene, to a clothing brand encouraging us to shop eco-friendly - and we wholeheartedly accept the challenge of change this September. Afterall, the only thing constant is change.


Brooke & Lindsay




What is a life? - Issue 02

It is quite an exciting time for Hear & There. With each article, we continue to grow and develop the voice of this magazine in collaboration with our contributors, and our readers.

In celebration of the final month of summer, this issue focuses on the places people travel to while following their passions. From an LA photographer living in Rome, travel videographer for GoPro and Redbull, and a surf inspired SoCal painter, the stories we share in these next few pages remind us that life is an adventure, and we are always arriving.

The theme of youth is a central concept to Hear & There, and with youth comes the exciting challenge of creating a life that you love. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a new practice: for each of the inspiring people we feature, we ask them to answer the simple yet philosophically complex question: “what is a life?”

We are committed to sharing as many different perspectives to this question as possible, cannot wait to see what answers our wonderful features come up with!

Happy summer, may your days be long, sunny, and super groovy while in pursuit of creating a life you love.


Brooke & Lindsay

For Creatives and By Creatives - Issue 01

In May of 2017, a group of twenty somethings who had nothing in common decided to get together in collaboration. 

This is not how a magazine is typically created. But despite our different outlets, each of us understands what it means to be extremely passionate about something.

We are writers, artists, travelers, storytellers. We come from bustling cities and lazy beach towns. We listen to acoustic campfire songs, and dance to the wildest electronic music tracks. 

Hear & There celebrates a diversity of people, passions, and life experiences. It explores the notion that if we exchange art and ideas between people who are completely different, perhaps we can achieve some greater wisdom; or even just discover a new favorite band, artist, or surf spot.

For the past month, the a talented contributors at Hear & There have worked hard to bring these ideas together into one cohesive and highly visual reading experience. 

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 

Thank You,

Lindsay Sunada

Founder, Editor in Chief