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Synesthesia is a phenomenon in which people’s experience of one sensory pathway automatically evokes the stimulation of a second. For example, someone might see the color orange, and associate it with warmth. Or see a billboard for a band on tour, and recall a popular song by that same artist.

Upon learning about this fascinating characteristic of human psychology, we wanted to delve deeper into the concept of synesthesia for Hear & There’s fourth issue. And since we all come from the same beautiful floating sphere that happens to be 71% blue, we decided to call this one the Blue Issue.

Blue can represent many different things - calmness, relaxation, sadness, stability, and more. Whatever blue represents to you, we hope that you FEEL it. We hope that our pictures and words evoke emotions deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky. In this issue, let yourself fall gently into the wonderful color that is blue.


Brooke & Lindsay 


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