For Creatives and By Creatives - Issue 01

In May of 2017, a group of twenty somethings who had nothing in common decided to get together in collaboration. 

This is not how a magazine is typically created. But despite our different outlets, each of us understands what it means to be extremely passionate about something.

We are writers, artists, travelers, storytellers. We come from bustling cities and lazy beach towns. We listen to acoustic campfire songs, and dance to the wildest electronic music tracks. 

Hear & There celebrates a diversity of people, passions, and life experiences. It explores the notion that if we exchange art and ideas between people who are completely different, perhaps we can achieve some greater wisdom; or even just discover a new favorite band, artist, or surf spot.

For the past month, the a talented contributors at Hear & There have worked hard to bring these ideas together into one cohesive and highly visual reading experience. 

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 

Thank You,

Lindsay Sunada

Founder, Editor in Chief