What is a life? - Issue 02

It is quite an exciting time for Hear & There. With each article, we continue to grow and develop the voice of this magazine in collaboration with our contributors, and our readers.

In celebration of the final month of summer, this issue focuses on the places people travel to while following their passions. From an LA photographer living in Rome, travel videographer for GoPro and Redbull, and a surf inspired SoCal painter, the stories we share in these next few pages remind us that life is an adventure, and we are always arriving.

The theme of youth is a central concept to Hear & There, and with youth comes the exciting challenge of creating a life that you love. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a new practice: for each of the inspiring people we feature, we ask them to answer the simple yet philosophically complex question: “what is a life?”

We are committed to sharing as many different perspectives to this question as possible, cannot wait to see what answers our wonderful features come up with!

Happy summer, may your days be long, sunny, and super groovy while in pursuit of creating a life you love.


Brooke & Lindsay

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