The Lunar Eclipse Means Change - Issue 03

On August 21st, 2017, most of North America stood still to witness the lunar eclipse: a rare cosmic event which has not been fully visible in our hemisphere for over a century.  What did this mean exactly?

Many people took to their tarot cards, crystals, and astrology blogs, while others simply requested the day off work to view the event through solar optical glasses and cereal boxes. Others even booked flights, or took road trips to place themselves in the ideal viewing location. Although we may not have reached a consensus on the perfect way to view this event, most can agree that aside from being a source of awe and beauty, eclipses have always been a strong symbol for one thing - change.

It seemed everything, including the planetary alignments, was urging us to delve into the topic of change, which leads us to the theme of this month’s issue. Here, we take inspiring stories of transformation and growth - from an app that’s shaking the music scene, to a clothing brand encouraging us to shop eco-friendly - and we wholeheartedly accept the challenge of change this September. Afterall, the only thing constant is change.


Brooke & Lindsay